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    • Occasionally we need to do something and don't know how. It might be household DIY related, or some widget that needs repairing or one of my kids has accidentally broken off another bit of themselves and I need to know if it's an A&E job....
    • If we don't know, we turn to the web... and there's always an answer although it might not always be the right one. So here are some guides on how we do 'stuff' to give others some answers. BUT, be aware that these guides are just how WE do it, just like anywhere else the answers you get might not be right! All these guides are copyright unless stated otherwise. Some have usage restrictions and disclaimers. Please read them carefully.
    • Guides on Cars, DIY and "Man Stuff" @

      Cars, DIY & 'Man' Stuff

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      Flying & Radio Control

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      Cooking & Brewing


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