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    • Apple collecting in our orchard at harvest time  @ www.jamesandtracy.co.ukWe set this site up as a general dumping ground for stuff we wanted to share with 'the olds', wider family and our mates. After a while we got kids (not in the sense of an illness or anything). Then we got bills and a sense of reluctant responsibility.
    • Along the way we still brewed beer, surfed, flew, played music, restored cars and painted. We got interested in making stuff like cider from our orchard and learnt that you can never have enough power tools.
    • Surfing in the green cathedral  @ www.jamesandtracy.co.ukWe found out stuff and thought "Hey, let's whack it on the site, it might help someone else". Slowly over time, through postings on forums and word of mouth this site became slightly more public than private... but that's cool and we hope what you find here is as useful to you as it has been to us.
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    • Making our own cider from our orchard  @ www.jamesandtracy.co.uk
    • Many years ago when I was discussing what it'd be like to be our parents or grandparents, a old friend said to me - " Remember, it's not the length of life, it is the depth that matters" - I don't know about you, but I think that's not a bad motto to live by - even if like us you don't always succeed in 'living deeply'! Happy trails :)



    Find out about us and what we do  @ www.jamesandtracy.co.uk



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