RC Pterosaur

Scale (as far as I know) Rhamphorhynchus: a scratch built radio control flying pterosaur for slope soaring. I will get round to CAD'ing the plan up, but in the meantime here's some details and photos.

- key dimensions -
Wing span: 48"
Length: 45"
Head/Neck (Nose to wing join) length: 9.5"
Tail length (from rear of elevators to end of stab): 18"

- key parameters -
AUW: 19.33 oz (you could get this right down though, but I needed this for the target wing loading)
Wing area (very approx! Needs to be CAD'ed first): 2.7 sq ft
Approx wing loading: 7.16 oz/sq ft (was aiming for ~7.5 - So not bad, although more by luck than judgement!)
CofG @28% MAC (approx 4" from wing skin/neck join in pictures)

- Materials Used -
3 sheets 6mm depron (1.25m x 0.85m) - with loads to spare!
1 sheet ExoTherm for body/lower tail - although any 80mm or thereabouts extruded poly (pink/yellow foam) would do!
2 x carbon fibre, 5mm square tube all the way down the tail and to the tip of the nose
The original model was covered with tissue/silk/water based varnish to add toughness and get the finish in the fastest possible way. Once flight proven the second version was skinned using glass, kevlar and carbon. To be honest, the 'bling' version was just as good as the original tissue job for something this size!

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