Futaba 9VAP Mode Change and Service

The photos here detail the hardware and software changes needed to change the mode (mode 1 or 2) of the Futaba T9VAP (9VHP or 9VHP) transmitter. You'll need to download the 9VAP mode change and service menu manual from this site (see Guides section) and then open each of the photos below to read the comments to fully understand the procedure. There are some quite important subtleties that'll go into the next version of the manual, so please read the comments thoroughly.

Huge thanks to Steve Harrod for all his hard work testing and proving this procedure to work out the flaws - not least of which Steve wrote all the comments and provided all the photos. You went beyond the call of duty mate!

Also huge thanks to Tony Stillman at Radio South. Finding out how to hardware reset the 9VAP would have proven challenging without his generous help. So let me add my thanks to that of Steve's and if you don't fancy doing this procedure yourself, I'm sure Tony can do it for you at a very reasonable price.

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