Phase 1 - Pod and First Fix Wing Joint

The photos tell the story but basically:

1. Check wing dihedral fillet angle (6.5" under tips) before filling hard points - spot on! That's a first, nice one Paul!
2. Fill wing hard points to within a gnat's salami of the joint line with epoxy/balloons mix - I've not done things this way before as I usually do the joint, then drill a skin hole and inject the resin mix into the hard point void so I don't get slump away from the skin as it sets.....but it seemed to work!
3. Sort the few inevitable pinholes from the mold in the pod - usual sand & buff - not necessary and adds weight I know....
4. Cut the biggest access hole you can safely get away with in the pod - cut edges are wetted and wiped with non fuming CA to take care of any stray crack starters!
5. Place tape along the bottom seam to join the wing halves in an 'H'configuration. Jig up and do the first fix joint on the wings with epoxy/balloons - really impressed here with the precision in Paul's layup, the spars were absolutely spot on.

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